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AST is the Process Outsourcing office for German and European Ship Owners
As if we are our customer's in-house products, we work as one. Providers of corporate backroom operations, processes and logistics. Business email response. Specialization in Crewing. High-end work. Attention to detail. Cost saving. Business process outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO). People development. Management consulting. Webbased applications.
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We are providers of corporate backroom operations, processes and logistics. Specialization in Crewing.
Support for German Ship Owners who are required by German tax law to keep management functions in Germany. Our functions include processing of Seafarer documents, business email response for crew changes, secretarial and documentary functions, customer data and database maintenance, evaluation, briefing and de-briefing of Seafarers on customer's behalf.
We guarantee confidentiality of proprietory information and personnel data security.
Our German Ship Owner's Representative oversees all business activities.
Currently, our ship type expertise include bulk carriers, slurry- and cement carriers, container ships and heavy load carriers in world wide trade.

Our main branch location Philippines contributes to lower operational costs. In return Ship Owners directly benefit.
The location Philippines is advantageous for shortened processing cycles, due to advance world time zone.
In the Philippines, high proficiency in English language, young, skilled and motivated workforce are the core of a successful outsourcing decision.
All resulting in high-end work and attention to detail.

We work with our affiliated Manning Agents word wide, or with Manning Agents assigned by Ship Owners.
We are not a recruitment office. In particular Philippine governance does not permit foreign nationals to directly manage Philippine licensed Manning Agencies. We do not accept or entertain 'walk-in' applicants.
Our business setup in the Philippines provides the proximity needed for appropriate care, monitoring and evaluation of our customers' Filipino seafarers.

We can best be described as Business process outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) office for German and European Ship Owners.
We consult Ship Owners, Crewing Companies and Manning Agents, also on behalf of their customers, in order for their management to make informed decisions for effective operation and leadership.
This include issues of ILO MLC implementation, Quality Management Systems, setting and monitoring KPI's, Seafarer retention rate, computerization, documentation, processing and green processes.

On Crewing level, we provide research of Seafarer benchmark market wages, suggestions for recruitment strategies, suggestions for Seafarer career development and training plans, Cadet development and sponsorship, Seafarer and family welfare.

On Corporate level, we provide consultation for corporate identity, staff self-assessment / peer-assessment / management-assessment, staff- and management coaching, entrepreneurial attitude enhancement, knowledge enhancement, image improvement, ethics and values.
We further consult on supplier evaluation, audits and benchmarking, accounting and government reporting.

We learn from experience, that good Seafarers are a product of a well run shipping company.
People Development
We found our strength in people skills- and talent recognition. Staff attitude, taking responsibility and ownership are the pilars of a solid enterprise. So we develop it.

Management and Executive Training
The program offers a comprehensive and well-rounded view of the different processes and functions in a company and the industry. Participants have the chance to practice leadership and be exposed to staff critisism. The experience not only provides participants with the know-how but also with a perspective of what they really want to pursue as a long term career. Participants learn first-hand skills to help shape their character and attitude, and to benefit from personal recognition.
- Be inspired - be admired -

Paid Internship / On-the-Job-Training
A 8 to 12-week development program designed for qualified students who require practical professional experience as part of their university or college course requirements. Since shipping office and crewing in particular does not have any specific course, participants from any course are welcome.
Despite being a student of an industry unrelated course, a participants might find the shipping and crewing business as field of interest.

Business Email Etiquette
We are evaluated and classified by the way we present ourselfs to the world.
The most frequently used way of business communication is by email. The way we compose email represents the company, as in a company letter head or company calling card. We should desire to make an impression that leads to the determination that we are a credible professional enterprise and that we are someone who will be easy and a pleasure to do business with.
A few hints:
Do not use abbreviations or antiquated telex-style shortcuts.
Use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Do not write in CAPITALS.
Do not overuse the high priority option. Avoid using URGENT and IMPORTANT. If it's urgent, use the phone.
Do not leave out the message thread or subject line. A meaningful subject is the window into your Email.
Use proper opening greeting and curtesy closing.
Be concise and to the point. Avoid long sentences.
Answer all questions, and pre-empt further questions. Answer swiftly.
Do not overuse Reply-to-All. Do not attach unnecessary files. Re-read Email before sending it.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
CPD for Seafarers is a systematic approach for improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills. CPD aims to develop personal qualities at different entrance levels as a professional Seafarer. It is about improving standards of competence and professionalism and to provide professional recognition. It is generally driven by an individual's need for career progression. Ultimately, the individual Seafarer should be enabled to make his own development decision.
Associated concepts are:
- Individual development
- Life long learning concept
- Knowledge transfer from generation to generation
- Mentoring scheme
- Keeping yourself up-to-date
CPD can be a webbased system with individual login and password, accessible from anywhere via the world wide web. The central part should be individually assigned learning activities. The Seafarer should research in order to write a paper. Holding presentations at a workshop or seminar may also be included.
The learning activities depend on the Seafarers rank and company's performance reports. Company superintendents may post their comments for improvement suggestions. The progress of assigned and completed activities are measured in points and against the gained competence.
The CPD system can provide a Seafarer with information in regards to his career opportunities. The CPD system can also hosts Seafarer's personal profile, trainings and certificates with scanned documents. It can provides a library with learning material for self-study.
Reflection and utilization of the gained competences, resulting in improved performance and promotion, complete the cycle.
Filing Agent
We are an accredited Filing Agent for seafarer License Endorsements and Seaman Books for following ship flags:
- Antigua & Barbuda
- Liberia
- Marshall Islands
- Isle of Man

We file also for following flags:
Bahamas, Germany, Malta, Netherlands.
In the Philippines we provide German Embassy accreditation through our affiliated Manning Agent.

Further, we offer Document Conversion.
Scanning, typing, formatting, layout, file type conversion, printing.
We guarantee confidentiality of proprietory information and record security.
Web Development
Webbased Database
One key issue for an efficient and effective office is work through automation and database support.
Automation reduces error of manual data handling.
Automation reduces labor, thus it is cost effective.
We develop browser based database applications. Optimized for desktop viewing and smartphone viewing. Modules include Crewing, Travel, Finances, Quality Management Library, Forms and Reports. Simple functions include APIS code for flight bookings, Seafarer details composition for crew changes, pre-filled forms and employment contracts.
And onwards, more complex functions are integrated.
Customized reports deliver crewing statistics and KPI monitoring. Data exchange and onboard modules are used.
We guarantee data security through regular backups, including secure locations to prepare for calamities.

Web Projects and Designs
We design websites and deliver webbased projects, smartphone optomized.
Our affiliated Manning Agent in the Philippines is one of the first with smartphone optomized website and online application for Seafarers.

Corporate Scope of Work
- PowerPoint designs
- Company profiles
- Seminar Material and Flyers
- CPD (Continuous Professional Development)
Go Green
Save Paper
No printing of Emails. No Photocopier. No unnecessary printing - use of scratch paper for draft printing.
For half a decade we confidentally abolished 'Crew Personal Files', in the Philippines known as 201-Files. Scanning and electronic filing replaced photocopying. Scans are linked to our database. We have a strict regular and efficient system back-up. Our emergency office evacuation plan is designed to prevent loss of data.

Green Purchasing Policy
Environmentally friendly suppliers and products are preferred at same purchasing costs.

Save Energy
We minimize use of electricity. Outsourced Email- and Webserver, no 24 hours operated computer equipment necessary at our office. No weekend office hours (except emergencies), in order to save electricity. Efficient use of aircondition and electric consumers. All electrical equipment is connected through power strips, that are switched off after office hours. We are able to cut our electricity consumption to half of the office's previous tenant.

Zero Waste Principles
One-way packaging is avoided at the source, e.g. while shopping. For shopping and purchasing, reusable bags are used. No plastic bags are accepted from the store. Remaining trash is separated and brought to recyle dealers.
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